Technology Fanatics,
Trusted Performers

From nerding out on the latest in artificial intelligence to deep debates on which programming language is better, Python or Java, there is no team more full of technology fanatics than Team LufCo. We have a passion for technology and getting things done, and done right.

How we get things done.

of our team members hold technical degrees in computer science or engineering
of our team members hold advanced degrees
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We have a passion for technology.

Our customers think of us as technology fanatics and trusted consultants. We live on the cutting edge, and we love it out here.

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We believe in being

We are engineering risk takers with aggressive problem solving skills, and we will always seek to improve ourselves and our processes to energize and serve our customers’ missions. We not only learn from our projects, we learn from each other - broadening each team member's technical skill set across disciplines and enhancing our ability to build the right solutions.

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Ethics and security are paramount.

Our clients trust us, and we will safeguard their information and intellectual property as if it is our own. Check out Our Core Values to learn what drives every LufCo team member.

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We work together with our clients, every step of the way

Our fully integrated solution teams analyze, design, and construct solutions for some of the most difficult problems our clients face regarding technology and business strategy. We maintain open lines of communication and are always available to discuss how we can better serve customers’ needs.

What makes us different?

We aren’t just services based.

Sometimes our team members want to explore outside of their day to day contract work. We make an effort to invest in technology and products through Independent Research and Development (IRAD) to give our employees an opportunity to stretch their limits and challenge themselves in new ways.

We’re garbage collectors (well, not exactly).

We understand the foundational elements are important, and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and solve the hard problems and puzzles that others haven’t solved yet. We're not worried about the limelight. At the end of the day, it's all about "did we just make that thing better?" If the answer is "yes", we go home happy.

We go against the grain.

We observe from different perspectives, across diverse markets and bring the best of what we've learned rather than seeing things from a tunnel. This approach allows us to avoid pitfalls and gives us the flexibility to evolve and change the profile of our team as we understand what the customer needs.

We encourage work-LIFE harmony.

We get that life has ebbs and flows and everyone has a lot going on. Some days will be more work-centric and other days you need to go to your children's school and read that story or take some time off to be with an ailing family member. We ensure that our team members have the time and resources to put family first and to make sure they are in a good place personally.

Our Core Competencies

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DevSecOps Engineering

Specialists in high-availability testing, deployment, and systems scaling

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise modernization, systems engineering, business process analysis, and business startup strategy

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Cryptographic Systems

Key Management and PKI Security Engineering (Access and Authorization Code)

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Information Assurance

Ensuring availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation

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System Design and Implementation

Translating and optimizing client requirements into effective, efficient technology solutions