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We specialize in providing quick turn, full stack software engineering and analytic resources to commercial and government customers.

We blend specialized mission understanding with lean information technology concepts and full stack engineering expertise in a way that stretches customer investment. Our expertise extends from IT infrastructure, data science and analytics, intelligence and discovery analysis, IOT, security and cryptography, and app development.

Maximize Your Business Value Through Technology

Data Science and Fusion

Analytic processing using compute cloud tools, cloud data flows, and data extraction.

Cryptographic Systems

Key Management & PKI Security Engineering (Access and Authorization Code)

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise modernization, systems engineering, business process analysis, and business startup strategy.

DevOps Engineering

Specialists in high-availability testing, deployment, and systems scaling.

System of System Solutions

Maximize core services while simultaneously improving interoperability, maintainability, and affordability.

Rapid Prototyping

User-driven modeling, deep learning for predictive analysis, quick-turn mockups, and workflow development.

Multi-Disciplined Analysis

C-WMD/CBRNE, intelligence, and discovery analysis


Full-stack engineering, tech transfer, consumer applications, and framework architecture.

Cloud-Based Software Engineering

Cloud management services and cloud environment standup computation.

App Development

Digital product design and managed services.

recent projects

- Global Economic Intelligence
- Enterprise Architecture
- Digital Product Design
- Full-stack IT Engineering
-Data Science
Federal Projects

– High availability load balancing solutions for 50+ cloud based systems
– Rapidly deployable, high availability PL3+ system supporting cryptologic operations
Automated sunscreen application system

- Enterprise Architecture
- Digital Product Design
- Full-stack IT Engineering
- Kiosk Deployment
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