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“LufCo was completely committed to making our SnappyScreen system as modular as possible. With their continued efforts, we were able to reduce assembly time, minimize downtime with simplified part replacement, and ultimately expand more rapidly into new areas by removing these operational complexities from the design.” 

Kristen McClellan, CEO and Founder of SnappyScreen

The Challenge

When SnappyScreen began, some of the biggest challenges were designing and building a system that could run seamlessly, without the assistance of an on-site technician, and withstand varying, outdoor weather conditions. Initially, SnappyScreens’ engineers hand-built and deployed a limited number of systems. The complex enclosure design meant excessive work to hide and protect the active system components. With time, certain components experienced repeated failures.

The Solution

After evaluating SnappyScreen’s system design, LufCo’s engineering team performed a redesign of the enclosure and implemented a modular system design to reduce manufacturing complexity and ease maintenance. LufCo identified replacement components and hardware that were better suited to the outdoor environment in order to minimize failures, and they improved the operation of the system by adding capabilities to the software for ease of operation and maintenance.

In addition, LufCo implemented risk management practices by utilizing 3D modeling to reduce risk, confirm design, and speed up the effort.

The Results

Reduced Build Time

By implementing a modular approach to the system design and streamlining the build process, the population of the enclosures was reduced from 1 day to 2 hours.

Quick and Easy System Repairs

The modular approach also allowed for remote system diagnostics and on-site repair by untrained personnel, resulting in less system downtime.

Lower System Costs

LufCo’s system improvements resulted in an overall cost reduction of nearly 30% per unit.

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About Snappyscreen

SnappyScreen is the world’s first, touchless sunscreen application system, providing full body sunscreen coverage in 10 seconds. All you need to do is select your SPF, stand in front of the device, and let SnappyScreen do that rest.

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