Automated gunshot detection system

ShotAlert for the First Responder

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ShotAlert is an active assailant system that sets itself apart from the competition by providing a low-cost, easy to install, military grade shot detection capability. By providing real-time, meaningful information – event, weapon, location, heat map – during an active assailant event, ShotAlert can help 911 operators, first responders, and on-site personnel maximize their response time and help minimize loss of life.

ShotAlert for the Warfighter

When a firefight occurs during combat operations, it is the job of the soldiers on the ground to notify leadership of the hostile engagement. However, those facing gunfire are not always able to immediately radio. ShotAlert remedies this issue via real-time notification of the firefight by passive data collection and analysis with no on-scene personnel input and no weight added to the warfighter’s rucksack.

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