Downloadable, software-only gunshot detection.
Instant Real-Time Reporting
Any device with a microphone can be a sensor.

ShotAlert uses mobile phones as the primary sensors with the ability to integrate with your existing sensors and cameras.

Microphones and algorithms with no human in the loop.
No Hardware
Why pay $65-$90k annually per square mile for a black swan event?
  • We offer a technologically superior solution with OpEx and CapEx licensing models at a fraction of the cost.
  • No hardware leases.
  • Setup includes a 30-day tuning period to incorporate concussive sounds common to your environment.
First Responders
Sound Classification & Encryption
Secure data encryption prohibits the manual reclassification of sounds and location coordinates.

Superior accuracy rate with active false-positive reduction mechanisms.

Our AI/ML algorithms and analysis have been independently tested and peer reviewed to validate the system’s effectiveness and true positive rate.
Detailed Reports
Automatically generate detailed reports of objective and factual evidence.
Data Ownership
Retain ownership of your data and the right to use it in an unrestricted manner for sharing with outside entities such as partners, research institutions, and other agencies.
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