We love a
good challenge

Founded in 2004, LufCo was built around the core philosophy of the unlimited potential of small, motivated, high-functioning teams
of talented, broadly skilled engineers and business strategists.

How We Get Things Done

We have a passion
for technology.

95% of our team members hold technical degrees in computer science or engineering. 80% hold advanced degrees. Our customers think of us as technology fanatics and trusted consultants. We live on the cutting edge,
and we love it out here.

We believe in
being full-stack.

We will always seek to improve ourselves and our processes to best serve our clients. Our engineers cross-train in software engineering, network design, and systems administration. We are engineering risk takers with aggressive problem solving skills who energize our customers’ missions.

We work together with our clients,
every step of the way.

Our fully integrated solution teams analyze, design, and construct solutions for some of the most difficult problems our clients face regarding technology and business strategy. We maintain open lines of communication and are always available to discuss how we can better serve customers’ needs.

Ethics and security
are paramount.

Our clients trust us, and we will safeguard their information and intellectual property as if it were our own. Check out our Core Values below to learn what drives each and every team member at LufCo.

Our Headquarters

Located in historic downtown Havre De Grace, MD, our headquarters serve as the core of all LufCo operations. Our office is a high tech laboratory and playground where our busy engineers and analysts can collaborate, innovate, and experiment. Whether hosting clients, holding 24-hour product Hack-a-thons, or just providing a relaxing, colorful, and family/pet friendly environment to our team, there is always something exciting going on.

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